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Women lead the commitment to sustainability in Latin America

Mexico City, November 4th 2019,

• More than 300 executives will participate, next June, in the activities of Latam Women that will have the participation of women from more than 20 countries.

• The region has the challenge of guiding its future towards a more sustainable environment in terms of food, health and well-being, equal opportunities, climate action, clean energy & water, sustainable cities and circular economy.

• The commitment to sustainability will be very present in the academic agenda of the Latam Women Sustainability Summit 2020

Latin America is one of the regions with the highest population growth in the world, growth where women have a fundamental role occupying an increasingly important role in decision-making in public and private sector projects that impact the development of the region. People, the planet and sustainability will take a central role in the Latin Women Sustainability Summit 2020 in alignment with the sustainable development objectives of the ECLAC 2030 agenda that seeks sustainable development in terms of food, health and well-being, equal opportunities, climate action, energy and clean water, sustainable cities and circular economy to name a few.

Aware of this reality, and with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable, diverse and integrated region, a group of women leaders from the region have launched Latam Women, a space for discussion, networking and collaboration to promote a more sustainable economy, as well as creating greater awareness and visibility about sustainable social and economic transformation projects in Latin America. With the premise of creating a discussion space that generates positive and egalitarian synergies in the region, more than 300 women from different sectors and countries of the region will meet in June 2020 in Mexico City at the Latam Women Sustainability Summit 2020.

Latam Women 2020, in Mexico City, will feature presentations by prominent representatives of the public and private sectors. More than 300 executives will be present in the activities in which innovative governmental and private initiatives will be announced in terms of education, welfare and social development, energy and clean mobility, circular economy and more sustainable industries.

Always looking towards a more innovative future and in support of future generations committed to the environment, Latam Women in partnership with Woman Lab will launch a call to Start-Ups in the region to recognize the 5 projects with potential for implementation and impact on the region. With the celebration of events of this level, Mexico wants to highlight its commitment to diversity and responsible and sustainable growth.

Note: Latam Women is a leading regional organization in the promotion of diversity and inclusion. Among its allied entities are Latam Mobility, Invest in Latam, Energyear, MERM or Woman Lab and UN Women among others. The organization has the support of 10 multidisciplinary ad-honorem consultants and leaders in the region.

Press Contact:

Angelica Lopez
Project Director